The Fiction and Poetry of Jason Thibeault

The Shards of Earuth

The Shards of Earuth is where the Keeper of the Garden trilogy takes place. These are stories, descriptions, explorations into language and culture, story building, mythology, and more. I have written, and continue to write these, as a way of providing depth of imagination to the Keeper of the Garden. So much shapes how stories are told: the where, when, why. Enjoy these excerpts, stories, myths, fanciful writings (and sometimes extensive linguistic, literary, or other studies) as I build out The Shards of Earuth.

On Mythology

There are three layers of mythology that shape cultural norms: deep mythology, addressable mythology, and the immediate world. The first, the deep mythology, represents the

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A Note About the Fracture

The Fracture, or what could be simply looked at the division of Earuth, or at the time, Ear-du-roth, into dozens of independent worlds spread throughout

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The Creator and the First Children

Name (role) [Earuthlish translation] Yunefwa-shin-alwae (the Creator) [Yune] Bowveia-sil-wash (Inferi) [Bawae] Eagoshz-ankt-get (Inferi) [Eaget] Granuwizt-ou-saalhnd (Inferi) [Grawand] Xacheng-fa-lesh (Inferi) [Xaefal] Ouechept-twil-sho (Inferi) [Ouech] Traegueci-nifh-pero (Inferi)

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A Garden Grows

Even though Ear-du-roth was as beautiful as he could have ever imagined, even though he was filled with pride and love for his First Children,

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