The Fiction and Poetry of Jason Thibeault

down and between the spaces

So much of human communication and interaction involves what is not said, what is implied, inferred, guessed at, and assumed. There is so much meaning in between the casual words that people speak, especially in relationships. This collection of poetry explores that concept.

Love #5

The backseat of the taxi; she on the left, him on the right, counting the blue cars as they whiz by— a playful game of

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He looked at his watch and sighed. Minutes had only ticked by. But nothing had changed.

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The Transience of Want

The bubbles rise and pop, like so many hopes and dreams: hands held, a long embrace, kisses exchanged. The imaginings of what might be linger

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Down And Between The Spaces

Unintended words ( ) reveal beguiling consequences. We speak we write language makes us. Courage mustered ( ) everything left… Subtlety embraced like a fissure,

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