The Fiction and Poetry of Jason Thibeault

On Mythology

There are three layers of mythology that shape cultural norms: deep mythology, addressable mythology, and the immediate world. The first, the deep mythology, represents the myths and legends upon which the addressable mythology are based. These are references to gods and magic, to events which have happened so long ago as to be more allegorical […]

A Note About the Fracture

The Fracture, or what could be simply looked at the division of Earuth, or at the time, Ear-du-roth, into dozens of independent worlds spread throughout the cosmos, is believed to have occurred around 7000 BD. This would have been after 1000 years of fighting between the Inferi, their children, and humans, or Yune’s Second Children. […]

Love #5

The backseat of the taxi; she on the left, him on the right, counting the blue cars as they whiz by— a playful game of unspoken rules, mustering up the innocence of youthful times. The sound of wet tires on the pavement, the thunk, thunk, thunk of passing over the bridge filling the void of […]


He looked at his watch and sighed. Minutes had only ticked by. But nothing had changed.